made in hollywood honors history

It’s a Fun Fact that the Made In Hollywood Honors program actually began because of a French film. 

In 2011, of the ten films nominated for the Oscars® Best Picture, only one in the running for “Hollywood’s” biggest film was actually made in Hollywood, or in the entire state of California, for that matter. 

That film, “The Artist,” a French production and a silent black-and-white styled film, was technically the only nominated “Hollywood film” of the year.  However, a major trade paper printed an article about how some of the other contenders, might be considering heading this immigrant film off at the pass, and one strategy mentioned was to emphasize that the Oscar® is for American films.  That, in fact, is not the case.  It’s just that Hollywood production’s traditions of excellence and superiority of its production resources and trained and evolved reservoirs of artists and craftsmen had made local filmmaking top of the line.  The great Hollywood artistic community simply made most of the films of nomination pedigree. 

In the last decade, California has experienced a mass migration of its Entertainment Industry to foreign locations and states such as Georgia, Louisiana and New Mexico, where tax credit incentives draw production outside of California, and leave America’s best filmmakers scattered to the ends of the earth.

The Made In Hollywood Honors is a Los Angeles City Council special program of recognition of the continuing tradition of Hollywood’s production excellence.  Initiated in 2011 by Councilman Tom LaBonge and carried on by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, whose districts included the area of Los Angeles from which the American film and television industries have drawn their famous and glamorous name.

Producers and stars of the MIHH honorees are invited by Councilman O’Farrell, and the esteemed MIHH Committee to the Bi-Annual ceremony, now hosted by 1600 VINE on its Heart of Hollywood Terrace overlooking the historic community, to be celebrated for their contributions to the California workforce and Hollywood legacy.  In the first five years of the Made In Hollywood Honors designations, two of the honorees have been awarded as Best Picture winners and three have been awarded Best Animated Feature.  Correspondingly, many of the Emmy-related MIHH honorees went on to earn the Emmy in their categories for Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Reality Program, etc.